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Scoop-type granule machine (digging type granule machine) and its product parameters
DATE:2018-11-9   VISITORS:648

Gongmao machine, that is, Gongwan molding machine, is a meatball machine that is completely shaped by a spoon. It is also called a spoon-type granule machine or a digging-type granule machine.
Compared with the cutting of the ordinary molding machine, the steel spoon automatically excavates the ball to make the ball have the characteristics of good elasticity, good roundness, smooth outer skin or retaining the original slurry particles, and can also be layered. Especially when making meatballs such as Gongmao and Beef Balls, they can show their remarkable performance.
The machine is made of stainless steel all-inclusive structure, mainly used for making various meat products such as pork balls, fish balls, beef balls, chicken balls, and meatballs. The spoon-type gong pill machine meets the hygienic requirements of modern food, and the double stepless speed regulating motor control is adopted to make the product have higher performance and reliability.
Model: Scoop-type granule machine, Power: 220v 50Hz, Power: 750W, Production: 200-300/min, Weight: 80kg
The above is the meatball machine, beater, refrigeration beater, beef ball machine, fish meat meat machine, stuffed meatball machine, meat grinder, frozen meat planing machine professional manufacturer "Chuangxi" on the spoon-type Gongmao machine (Excavation Gongmao machine) and its parameter characteristics.