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Fish meat miner (fish meat miner) and its working principle
DATE:2018-11-9   VISITORS:438

Fish meat miner (fish meat miner), also known as fish meat separator, is suitable for the division of various fish such as sea fish and freshwater fish and direct meat collection.
The fish meat harvesting machine can separate the fish meat and fish bones, fish skin and fish ribs in the fish body, thereby improving the utilization rate of raw materials and saving labor costs, and is an indispensable food machinery equipment for modern fish meat products.
The model of the fish meat harvester mechanical equipment is divided according to the length of the drum. The length of the drum is related to the width of the fish. If the fish to be taken is larger than the length of the drum, the fish must be thrown away beforehand and cut into the length of the drum. The inside of the strip is re-entered into the machine for meat collection.
The working principle of the fish meat harvester:
The fish meat harvester is equipped with a rubber belt for the meat barrel and the pressed meat. The fish is squeezed into the meat barrel by the mutual pressing movement of the rolling meat barrel and the driven rubber belt, and the fish skin and the fish bone are left in the fish meat barrel. Outside the meat barrel, it is sent out of the machine by a spatula.
Note: When collecting large fish, you need to remove the fish head and internal organs first. When you put it into the feeding port, remember to put the fish tail first, so it is better to collect.